Software Development

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We specialize in application and software development for small and medium sized companies. We develop mobile and web based applications for consumers, businesses or for internal use.

Code Review

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We start every business relationship with a code review to ensure that we have the correct skill-sets to attack your technical challenges.  We also keep on-going code reviews at the process level to ensure quality delivery of every feature.

Project Management

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We are dedicated to an accountable and collaborative process.  We lead our projects with confidence and could do the same for your software developers, budget and timeline.

If you need help in any of these areas or have a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Product Management

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We help you develop your product through a product lifecycle process. Translating the voice of customer into product functionality and desired business outcomes.

Business Consultation

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We include an introductory business consultation about your software product before we start every engagement.  We also offer on-going business process consulting to help define or refine monetization models.

Partnered Projects

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We are happy to collaborate with other consultancies on projects and also share project referrals.  Contact us and be part of our referral network or if you are missing a piece in a larger project, we are happy to work alongside other professionals.

Our Service Philosophy

As Radial, we are committed to the classic ideal of working ourselves out of a job.  We want to do the best work and leave things in good shape for whoever works on the project next.  We want to subvert the reliable expectation that the last developer on the project was the worst, and deliver code that is truly a joy to work on.

We are committed to best practices and conventions and are determined to create standards in fields, frameworks, and languages where there are few.  As a matter of policy, every line we write is reviewed and considered.

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I am never satisfied by the quality of my own work, but what I have found is that code review ensures that I deliver a very high level of quality. This kind of accountable work runs through every stricture of process with the company, ensuring this kind of quality-focused approach is applied broadly and consistently.

Our goal is, in every case, to create something we can be proud of. Our plan is always to create a firm foundation instead of leaving clients with a house of cards. It is important to us to create something valuable and useful to our clients. When we err, we will do what we can to make it right — we want to be sure you are completely satisfied.

We hire individuals with cross-functional experience to ensure we are prepared to address new domains and markets, and we try to bring as much relevant knowledge to your project as we can.

As often as possible, we ensure that more than one person is assigned to each project to ensure that, given illness, vacation, accidents, and other bumps in the road, we always have someone available who is aware of the state of your project.

Sometimes unexpected delays can occur as a result of technology vendors, experimental custom software, or the complexity of the project. Rest assured that if it will take more time than expected, we will promptly contact you with details and options to help you ensure that your project stays on track.

– Ben West

Managing Member