Start up your software project with IGNITION

Start up your software project with IGNITION

Do you have a software project that needs to get done? Are you considering hiring a dev house? Are you ready to start up your software project?


Radial Development Group created an “A-La Carte” discovery process to offer clients the following benefits:

    • To help define what MVP is for the project
    • To clarify timeline & cost expectations around a bigger project
    • To document the risks, hurdles, and other potential unknowns the project will hold
    • To give our clients the opportunity to adjust, pause, or revamp their project before getting into a long term commitment
    • To deliver an :: ignition :: document that summarizes risks, benefits, MVP goals, it will scope timeline & budget, and gives our client a clear decision point moving forward; turn the key or not?


The Process:

  1. Discovery and Story-building
    1. The client and RDG spend 4-6 hours on the first day of the engagement to define MVP with a full post-it style storyboarding session
  2. RDG Technical and Product Risk Analysis
    1. The RDG team over the next few days will look at the stories created do a risk analysis both from technical and product success perspectives
  3. RDG Time-Based Feature Breakdown*
    1. RDG will factor the risk analysis into the story building exercise and by this point will have the ability to within 85% certainty create an accurate feature breakdown
      *Periodically unforeseen complexity may delay a single sprint for up to two weeks
  4. Document Compiling
    1. RDG will compile all of the previous steps into a clear deliverable report for the client to then use as the basis for there project decision



We methodically go through a discovery process to understand your needs and  prioritize the scope of work that needs to be done. This helps to effectively communicate with developers.



Ignition gives you the flexibility to quickly engage the best team at any time. You can take the Ignition report to any developer you choose.



After our discovery process we document our research and give you a scope of work that details features and how user will engage with your software project.

Start Up Your Software Project with IGNITION

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