Clint Bounds is a software developer and entrepreneur, founder of the website and accompanying iOS and Android app Plan to Eat.

Clint created Plan to Eat nearly 10 years ago. At first he was the sole developer and designer of the project, which was web-only. 

Radial was brought on to build an iOS and Android app for Plan to Eat that worked seamlessly offline. As one of the company’s first projects, it has been a constant learning experience.


Plan to Eat

What We Did

  • Mobile application development
  • API development
  • Offline functionality

We sat down with Clint and asked him

about the highs and lows of his time with us

And more importantly, why he has stuck with us from the beginning.


Why did you choose Radial?

I started working with Radial shortly after the company launched in 2015. I decided to take a chance on Radial, because at this time I hadn’t collaborated with other programmers on my project, and I knew there was a lot I could gain from establishing a partnership.


What is the biggest thing you’ve gained from working with us?

I live near the office, so I have been able to work alongside the developers and directly see the progress the team is making on my project. It has been extremely helpful that they provide that one-on-one time during my visits, both for the sake of my project progression and for my skills as a developer. I also now have the confidence that when things get hard or when server problems arise, I can sit down with the team to collaboratively find a solution.


What has been the hardest thing about working with Radial?

I will admit that the early stages of the project during the company’s start up didn’t make for a completely smooth process, and I know Radial was able to see that too. This is because Radial, being as new as it was, had not yet developed processes around how they took on new projects during the time that I began working with them.

With some companies I feel super disconnected because the communication is lacking. It's not like that here.


What convinced you to continue working with the company?

Despite these challenges, I stayed with the company because of Radial’s willingness to grow and learn and change. I felt like I had enough internal access to see the changes and know that I could have an impact on them. With some companies I feel super disconnected because the communication is lacking. It’s not like that here.

Being comfortable discussing the hard things with the team was critical to me, and that become possible through having an open communication channel that stayed consistent through the good and the bad. You can be a brilliant person but if you can’t communicate it doesn’t matter. I think Radial has both, brilliant people that are willing to have the hard conversations and adapt when needed, but also set healthy boundaries when I push too hard.


How has working with Radial changed your software culture?

The process that I use to create new features for my app has changed significantly as a result of working with Radial. I now write feature and integration tests for my code, and am able to maintain an upgraded app. My software now has greater test coverage, which takes away a great deal of anxiety for me, and has been an important fallback when tests have failed.  I have also adapted how I use Github following Radial’s model. I now do pull requests with reviews, which is better practice. I have also been pleasantly surprised by Radial’s pair programming model, and have consistently seen valuable results from it.

Reflections from Radial

There are no big projects, only big clients. Clint’s willingness to stick with us as we evolved as a company allowed us to become so much better than if he had just dropped us as soon as we screwed up. We were both able to learn from mistakes we made early on in the development process, and the project is better for it.

It means the world to us to contribute to such a meaningful product, and to know that in working with Clint for the last three years, he sleeps better, produces better, and can make significant changes to his site whenever he feels like it. We want to offer this kind of experience to more clients.