We love it when we get to work with designers. And although our clients may not realize it, it is helping them too.

When working with a designer, they provide the client and developers a design comprehensive, known as a comp. During the early stages of product development, a comp allows developers to focus on code functionality and deliver working features with minimal styling. The client understands that this first deliverables is focused on functionality and does not reflect the final product which would include styling.

When Radial has a comp from a designer, clients can be confident that the styling is made with the user experience (UX) in mind. For developers this makes writing stories easier and faster. A developer is able to write stories that reflect the user experience displayed in the comp. Without a designer, a developer has to think through how a user would interact with each page, creating back and forth conversations between developer and client during the story writing process, lowering productivity.

After the story writing is complete, the development process is faster with a designer. There are fewer decisions for developers to make in the moment, because the designer has already made all of the user experience decisions.

Lastly, having a designer is great because when we do encounter user experience and user interface questions, Radial can reach out to the designer and get our questions answered with expertise.

Ultimately, working with a designer will make the development go faster, and you can be confident that the final product will look fantastic and have a great user experience.

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