Turbo Tenant


Sarnen Steinbarth owned a property management company and managed property listings, renter’s applications, credit score qualification and rental payment through several different expensive enterprise solutions.

Sarnen wanted a one-stop-shop to do these things and figured other property owner/managers would too.

Enter TurboTenant, a custom property management software. Sarnen reached out to Radial to help lead the project technology architecture design and execution. Loveland Museum offers an exhibit called Sweetheart Town, USA, focused on the Loveland Remailing Program. Each Valentine’s Day, anyone in the country can send his or her Valentine’s Day card to Loveland, where they are then re-mailed to the recipient with a postmark from the City of Loveland. The Remailing Program is an historic effort that has been ongoing for over 70 years.

After an extensive discovery process, we delivered the following in the first six weeks

We continued our work with TurboTenant adding more and more features to enhance the app


TurboTenant is now a robust property management application used by landlords across the country. We worked with a designer and iterated on the design to make the app beautiful and easy to use, with custom icons relevant to real estate. It also has key functionality like the integration of TransUnion background checks into the renter application process, making TurboTenant extremely useful for landlords.

Smooth Handoffs

We worked with TurboTenant for 18 months. When it came time to turn over the project, the new developer asked for deployment instructions. In fact, the app deploys itself. The documentation for this process is stored alongside the code. We told the new developer to let us know if he didn’t have it up and running in 30 minutes. We haven’t heard from him yet.

Most people expect a handoff like this to take weeks. Our focus on documentation, process, consistent delivery and automated deployment keeps on benefitting the client even after we are no longer the primarily developers on a project.