Radial works with new ventures using Lean & Agile Methodologies and fractional CTO services.

MVP Development

You’ve got your idea and your business model, but you need the software built. Radial can meet you where you are. Our lean, agile, delivery-oriented process with get you live and growing.

Code-Quality & Improvement

Often, early-stage companies make decisions to sacrifice the quality and maintainability of their software in favor of a nimble, pivot-friendly, fast-to-market stack. This is normal, and Radial will help you understand and mitigate your future challenges.

Lean Process Engagement

The majority of highly-successful startups become successful by limiting their effort and working only on validated learning from their users. We work with early-stage clients to build a lean process that enables a data-driven focus on what their customers want.

Get to know Radial

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