Dan Rice

Lead Developer

Dan is a quick-witted and thoughtful communicator. Dan’s contributions to Radial began before he was even hired: giving us advice on how we could better communicate our story to online readers encountering our brand for the first time. He partnered with us to support Women Rising – an online platform for organizing connections for underrepresented groups in tech – by contributing to their open-source implementation.

Dan is a big fan of fiction and has some of his own on his blog. He says he credits his love of Harry Potter for a lot of that, but he also likes Silicon Valley and Breaking Bad. He’s our resident Apple fanatic – he says that the iPhone and apple gadgets are a big part of why he became interested in technology in the first place and developing for Apple platforms is a clear part of his future.

We hired him and on the strength of his existing skill had him delivering for and managing client relationships starting at day 1. He continues to set new standards for delivery efficiency for clients and is super effective at correctly estimating work magnitudes. He’s also really good a communicating with clients. In addition to leading projects and doing development, he’s also part of our overall outreach effort, so you may run into him at meetups and pitch events. If you see him, say hello.

He had worked in all three of our core technologies since starting with us in early 2018, Ruby, Python, and Javascript. He’s also learning about how the business is run, and is using his hack time to build a SaaS project to help students evaluate college and other post-secondary opportunities.

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