Geoffrey Thompson

Senior Developer

Geoff Thompson is known at Radial for his essential sense of humor. Always in the middle of a light practical joke on co-workers, we’ve all learned to identify his subtle sarcasm. When it comes to clients, though, he is all-business. He takes identifying customer needs and communicating specifications very seriously. A stickler for process and documentations, his idea of the introduction to a toolset is nothing less than mastery.

Geoff likes british sports cars and yorkshire terriers and spends a fair bit of his time on either, but he is also a techofile and is the office’s key resource in what to buy and how to get the best deal on the best tech, often upgrading his own more than once a year. Geoff is a also a big fan of science fiction and is the veritable Darmok to your Jalad at Tanagra.

Geoff brings expertise in kernel module development, C, Assembly, and a number of IoT skills to the table, in addition to knowing our core toolset: Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, and also native tools like Objective C, Swift and Java. We often rely on him to help interpret arcane documentation and to explain confusing technologies – often on iOS or OS X.

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