Kayla Larson


Kayla worked as an account manager, but an accidental stint as a technical support engineer helped her discover her love of tech. Before making a career change, she studied coding on her own for a year, and then fully dedicated herself to a career as a software developer by attending the Turing School of Software and Design.

She enjoys hiking, bike riding and exploring Colorado with her significant other, Sergio, as well as playing Fantasy Football during the fall. She moved to Colorado less than a year ago, and is excited to see what more there is to explore in her new home state.

Kayla spends a lot of time working with Ruby on Rails and the React JavaScript framework, but is excited to be learning Python and Swift, among other new technologies in use at Radial.

She has lived in San Diego, Seattle, Brooklyn, and Indianapolis before landing in Colorado, and has a Bengal cat named Kilo.