Marshall Smith

Senior Developer, Co-Founder

Marshall has been writing software in some capacity since 1994 and has been a full-time developers for over 6 years. He Co-founded Radial with Ben in 2015 because he wanted to help create the kind of company that is welcoming to developers and professionals of all stripes and because he wants his work to be something that impacts real people, that solves real problems, and which creates lots of value for society, in-general.

Always interested in an interesting math problem, Marshall is looking for projects with a strong math emphasis. He’s never see a spreadsheet he didn’t like … or couldn’t make better. He also is an accomplished pianist – if you meet him, don’t forget to ask when his next “Sweater Rock” or blues gig is, or engage him in a spirited discussion of John Williams, Rachmaninov, or Debussy.

Marshall is the senior front-end developer at Radial and contributes to all projects on design and visual implementation. He also is our resident data-analysis expert and experienced in Python, Ruby, and Javascript.

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