Rebecca Vetter

Director of Engineering

Rebecca Vetter is always keeping things going at the office, whether it’s competing on steps, cycling with clubs on the weekends, or supervising our sprint cadences, things always seem to be moving forward. Ultimately frustrated as a traditional educator, she pivoted big-time in 2015 by jumping from elementary education, to attending a bootcamp and learning to code.

Since hiring her in January of 2016, she’s helped us make some leaps of our own: establishing a stellar record for delivery and reliability, developing onboarding programs for new hires and internal advancement, mentoring in the community, she is a constant force for progress at Radial.

She prefers working in the Ruby on Rails framework, but she is also an expert in version control and process management. She is proficient in Python and CSS, but spends the majority of her time in Javascript working on a project for a cornerstone client. Her responsiblities as Director of Engineering involve some book-keeping and reporting, but are a culmination of her contributions to establishing, documenting, and training Radial’s software development practice.