Ruby on Rails: Why Work with Radial

Our Culture

Radial Development Group builds software within the paradigm made famous by Eric Reis, author of The Lean Startup. He details the manner in which many successful software ventures apply the lessons of Toyota’s manufacturing formula..

The process is founded on the scientific method: Always attempt to understand assumptions. Test hypotheses with collected data to eliminate uncertainty and risk from software development.

At Radial, we mitigate the inherent risk of software development. We break large challenges into small tasks; cycle through a process to plan, deliver , and validate our work; and adjust our, and our clients’, assumptions and designs. We create a virtuous cycle in which clients receive regular delivery of a constantly-improving project.

We also work intently to apply the same process to Radial’s culture. It’s not always a client project that can be interactively improved. It’s also our own team.

Our Process

Radial’s process is rooted in the concepts of agile development and scrum-based project management. For large projects, we work to divide difficult, long-term tasks into a series of smaller, more directly deliverable tasks.

Radial breaks monolithic projects and features into a series of two-week development “sprints.” We work on short-term, achievable goals, with a great deal of accountability, to ensure we deliver what we promise. Radial’s process, with the developer lead at the center, is designed to engender trust, create predictability, and minimize risk.


Getting to the core of what a client wants may be challenging. Failing to reach that point leads to miscommunication and undesirable outcomes.

Radial is committed to open dialogue. We conduct early and ongoing – and sometimes difficult – conversations with clients. This helps ensure we understand client needs and allows us to resolve issues early, before they mushroom. We own our mistakes, and we will work diligently to fix them. The result is a trusted relationship with a focus on delivering features that solve real problems.

Our work is intrinsically a feedback loop. We plan, deliver, and validate, forever.