We work with established clients to improve software stability and performance, and to pay down code debt, as they grow.

Code Debt Analysis and Management

Anytime software is developed, trade-offs have to be made, whether for speed or for simplicity. Over time, these trade-offs can become “code debt” causing complexity. Radial can help you repay this debt with analysis of existing software stack, identification and mitigation of hidden code debt, as well as with real-time code review services.

Lean Process Engagement

Lean software development is often challenging for new projects. Radial helps our clients refine their business models with a lean approach to software development. We identify core assumptions and develop products to validate them, resulting in the development of high-impact software.

Risk Analysis

It’s normal that software engineers build using the tools with which they are familiar. Sometimes these tools end up being wrong for the job, but it can be hard to know this from the start. Radial helps our clients identify and mitigate these technical risks, with our strong knowledge of multiple stacks.

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